VOA Home is dedicated to providing around-the-clock care and service to meet our community’s housing needs. Our comprehensive housing programs provide individualized case management to help unhoused individuals and families find safe, stable and affordable housing and give them the resources they need to live a self-sufficient life.

VOA HOME Mobile Outreach Program

Louisville, KY 

If you are without shelter, camping, or living in your vehicle please meet us at our Mobile Outreach Van. We are located throughout the city M-F in areas outside of the Watterson or near the Gene Snyder. You may also reach out to us for outreach services if you spot a community member in need. 

Please call: 502-417-7503 

Eviction Prevention Program

Louisville, KY

VOA Home’s Eviction Prevention Program stabilizes resident families and individuals living in Louisville Metro Housing Authority properties by preventing evictions through financial assistance, crisis intervention, mediation, and collaborations with other service providers. Recognizing the value of short-term assistance in preventing the long-term cycle of homelessness, the Eviction Prevention Program provides immediate financial assistance and crisis intervention.

Unity House

Louisville, KY

VOA’s Unity House provides safe emergency housing for unhoused families in need. Unity House has a unique ability to serve the whole family in one location. The program also provides individualized case management, housing placement, and other services to help families return to stable independent housing.

Family Stabilization Program

Louisville, KY

The Family Stabilization program serves families and individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We provide case management and support to these families by managing crisis situations and offering solutions and referrals as appropriate. We help them set goals and meet those goals so that ultimately we can ensure that families are preparing themselves for self-sufficiency and are able to successfully live on their own.

Transitional Housing Program

Louisville, KY

Recognizing the need to build a bridge between homelessness and permanent housing, the Transitional Housing Program offers families a place to live for up to two years after leaving the Volunteers of America Mid-States’ Family Emergency Shelter, as well as case management and housing placement services.

Rapid Re-Housing Program

Louisville & Elizabethtown, KY

Rapid Re-Housing is a program that allows for families to work towards stabilization. VOA works with families to pay a graduated portion of the rent so that by month 12 families are able to take over the rent on their own. We provide case management and budgeting to ensure that they will be successful. It is required to go through the common assessment to be referred to this program.

Senior and Affordable Housing

Kentucky & Tennessee

Volunteers of America provides permanent, safe, affordable housing for low-income seniors and to low-income persons with severe mental illness. Although residents live independently, community rooms, regular activities, and on-site staff provide opportunities for socialization and help facilitate a support network among residents.

Candleridge Plaza, Powell, TN

Casa Grace, Memphis, TN

Maud Booth Gardens, Knoxville, TN

Spanish Cove, Louisville, KY

South Oaks, Louisville, KY

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